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Our comprehensive fencing program combines group training and individual coaching to ensure each student’s individual improvement and growth that has led an impressive number of our students to achieve outstanding results at Regional, National and International levels! 

We offer introductory classes as well as programs for

beginners, intermediate and competitive fencers.

Intro Class

Intro Class

Our fun-filled intro classes will teach you the basics, and is an ideal way to start fencing. This program is designed for students who have never fenced before. In the course of the class, students will be introduced to the basic rules and conventions of the sport; they will learn proper fencing positions and techniques, and will learn how to execute basic attacking and defensive actions.


A typical class structure will include warm up activities, developmental games, footwork, drills with a partner, and sparring. All equipment is provided by SVF. Please wear workout clothes with long pants (such as sweat pants) and athletic shoes.


The Introductory Class consists of three 55 minute classes held once a week for three consecutive weeks.

At the end of the program, the students will have a very clear understanding of what fencing is all about. They should be able to perform basic positions and movements such as: first position, on guard, advance, retreat, and lunge. They should also be able to explain and demonstrate basic attacking and defensive techniques.


Beginner Class

The Beginners' Fundamentals class is an ongoing program for students with very little fencing experience. This class is mandatory for new fencers enrolling in an SVF program after the Introductory Class.

In this class, students continue to work on basic fencing techniques while being introduced to new skills and techniques. The students improve their form, technique and understanding of the game of fencing through footwork exercises, partner drills and fencing with each other. Private lessons are offered and recommended at this level. Typical class structure will include warm up activities, footwork, partner drills, and bouting. Each individual class is 55 minutes long.

Fencers are required to have their own mask, chest protector, jacket and a glove to participate in this class. Please wear workout clothes with long pants (such as sweat pants) and athletic shoes. Students may choose to enroll in the Beginners' Fundamentals class for either one or two classes per week.

Intermediate Program

The Intermediate Competitive program is an ongoing program for fencers who wish to further improve their skills and are planning to compete. Fencers may typically enter the Intermediate program after 3-6 months in the Beginners/Fundamentals class (exceptions can be made at the coach's discretion).


Intermediate-level students continue working on their fencing fundamentals while being introduced to more advanced skills, techniques and tactics of the modern game. Each individual class is 90 minutes long, with 2

to 3 classes per week. 


Typical class structure will include warm up activities, footwork, partner drills, and bouting. Fencers at the intermediate level start to attend local and regional competitions. Full fencing uniform is required to participate in this class.


Two private lessons/week is mandatory at this level.


Advanced Competitive Program

The Advanced Competitive program is tailored for the serious competitive fencer seeking to compete at the National and International level. Fencers may join the Advanced Competitive program after a minimum of 3-12 months at the Intermediate level (exceptions can be made at the coach's discretion).

The Advanced Competitive program offers longer practice hours and more practice days (up to four days weekly).

2-4 private lessons per week are strongly recommended for fencers at this level. The Advanced Competitive program includes footwork, conditioning, tactical and technical exercises, as well as individual yearly training plans to set and meet competitive goals.

At this level, fencers should have their own equipment that is suited to competition.



Our fun-filled fencing camps teach children the basics of the sport, and are an ideal way to start fencing. Campers will learn basic rules, footwork and blade work. Campers will get to fence every day as well as playing fun developmental games.

The summer camps are designed for boys and girls age 6-12 who want to try fencing for the first time and those with very little fencing experience.

Our competitive fencing camps help intermediate and advanced fencers to improve their fencing skills. The intensive, focused training sessions and expert coaching help fencers to refine their technique, hone their skills and prepare mentally and physically for the rigors of competition.

Private Class
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Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered to our members only. Private lessons are periods of one-on-one instruction with an SVF coach. Each lesson improves an individual fencer's technique and tactics, and is tailored to suit a fencer's unique style and physical characteristics. Private lessons are extremely important to a fencer's development, especially for competitive athletes. Each lesson is 20 minutes long. SVF is using an online system to schedule private lessons.

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