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fencing club
in San Francisco
Bay Area

Starting early with children ages 6+ to ensure that they develop all the necessary skills and abilities for a prolonged and successful fencing career!


Who we are

Home to National Champions, World Cup winners

and medalists, World Champions and Olympians!

United States Fencing Association President’s Award club recipient for consistently producing top fencers at the Cadet, Junior and Senior levels, as well as for World Cup and World Championships results and US World Team qualification!

Our Programs

Our comprehensive training programs combine group training and individual coaching to ensure each students' improvement and growth.

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The Beginners' Fundamentals class is an ongoing program for students with very little fencing experience. This class is mandatory for new fencers enrolling in an SVF program after the Introductory Class. 

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The Intermediate program is an ongoing program for fencers who wish to further improve their skills and are planning to compete.  Fencers may typically enter the Intermediate program after 3-6 months in the Beginners/Fundamentals class.

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The Advanced Competitive program is tailored for the serious competitive fencer seeking to compete at the National and International level. Fencers may join the Advanced Competitive program after a minimum of 3-12 months at the Intermediate level.

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Private lessons are periods of one-on-one instruction to improve an individual fencer's technique and tactics. It is tailored to suit a fencer's unique style and physical characteristics. Private classes are extremely important to fencers at ALL levels.


Fencing Center

State-of-the-art dedicated fencing facility

Silicon Valley Fencing Center has a newly remodeled,

state-of-the-art fencing facility featuring an all-new gymnasium-style sports floor and 10 fencing strips with electronic scoring systems.


Meet The Team


Oleksii Muruhin

has been involved in fencing for more than 25 years. He is a former Ukrainian National Champion and a member of the Ukrainian National Fencing Team at the Senior, Junior and Cadet levels. 


Yuliya Muruhin

has been involved in fencing for more than 20 years. Yuliya has a Master's Degree in Physical Education and a Degree in Sports Psychology.


Vil Nagimov

has been involved in fencing for more than 35 years. He is a former member of Russian National Team. Vil received his Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Sports

Our world-class expert coaches are highly experienced, dedicated, supportive and are committed to their students’ success!


Andrej Raisch

has been involved in fencing for almost 20 years. He is a former German National Champion and a former member of the German National Team, competing at World Cups, European Championships and World Championships.

Nastia Churkova

has been involved in fencing for more than 30 years. She is a former member of Russian National team. She has a Master’s degree as a fencing coach from Smolensk State Institute of Physical Culture. 

Andrei Kuryshka

has been involved in fencing for almost 28 years. He is a former Belarusian National Champion and a finalist of the Junior European Championship, Junior World Cups, and also European Championship U23. 

Coach Lucia Web_edited.jpg

Lucia Procopio

Lucia has been involved in fencing for over 15 years. She holds a Masters Degree in Sport Coaching and Leadership from Michigan State University.

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